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Some new AC rooms have been constructed as of 2011. This is a peaceful travellers' enclave that offers internet and restaurant complete with banana pancakes to travel across the globe for.


Near road in the central Anjuna on the way to the beach.



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Relaxo in Goa, Anjuna party is just around the corner.


Different rooms, different budget. Some room $15 per night (Egore comes with the room but you can leave him out side)


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+1 # a guest 2011-11-28 15:11
Me and my Wife stayed at Paradise Guest House for several days and have to say that it was the nicest guesthouse and stay during all our time in India.

The employees are all very nice and friendly and the owner, Janet, makes realy feel at home.
The food is very good and the Cook will even cook you a meal of your choise that is not in the menu and will even go to the market early in the morning to buy the ingriedients needed.

The rooms are extreemly clean and even the varanda is so clean that we even took our sandals out before stepping onto the varanda.

There is also a FREE WIFI available to everyone incl. a computer connected to the internet for those that don't have their laptops with, wich makes it easy to keep contact with friends and family during your stay there - Fantastic!

Laundry service is ready to wash and take care of your clothes and you get them back the next day for only 150 Ruppies (and we had quite alot to wash).

At Paradise Guest House everyone can also rent a brand new motorbike for 200 - 250 Ruppies a day.

The room, motorbike, food, breakfast and laundry prices are Fantastic and we can only suggest this wonderfull Paradise Guest House as the best place to stay in Anjuna, Goa.

We will for certainty be back again!!!!
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