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Weather in Goa:

Season in Goa starts in September to April. Early September it may still be some rain by it is not bad for swimming on the beach by April it will very dry and hot. After which the sea will become increasingly rough and which time the beach is cleared of Huts and is basically closed but a few guesthouse will be open more inland.


Huts or shacks are simple tree house structures that made cheaply to accommodated the high season in Goa.

The High season being December to February, which is not surprisingly the best time to be in Goa.


Christmas to New Years and after are just insane but a great party because Goan's love to celebrate life.


Types of Accommodations in Goa:


1. Front facing beach huts. Everyone wants to be right on the beach so there is a premium for the front huts but they are worth it if you just want to relaaax in your hammock and watch the sunset then they are priceless. The breeze is much better there for when it is hotter or if there are a few mosquito's.


2. Off the beach huts. These will be much cheaper and much the same.


3. Rooms in houses. Typical guesthouse is ways off the beach so this may not appeal to everyone but you do get shade, a fan and more security for your belongings.


4. Portuguese mansions converted. These buildings are found in North Goa and are a good option as a botique hotel.


5. Three to Five star hotels.

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